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Chairman and Managing DirectorGhouse Mohiuddin, Chairman and Managing Director of Radiant Consumer Appliances Pvt.ltd., is founder of brand Cafe Desire.

passion for business and excellence made Mr. Mohiuddin to acquire required education and skills in the field of business management.

Products of Cafe Desire include :

  • Coffee/ Tea Vending Machines
  • Freshly Brewed Coffee/tea Machines
  • Bean To Cup Machines
  • Coffee Beans And Beverage Mixes

Café Desire offers hot beverage solutions to all kind of work places including small, medium, large offices, corporate offices, software and hardware companies in IT and ITES segments and many more.

“I had always believed that My passion for business will help me build an enterprise.It was true when I started Cafe Desire in 1999, and it’s just as true today.”

Back then, the company was a single location in Hyderabad, India. Cafe Desire offered some of the finest beverages from just single location. The name, inspired by our Desire to win customers hearts, evoked the romance and passion to grow our business.

From the beginning, Cafe Desire set out to be a different kind of brand and company. We want to fuel the hard work of our customers with our stimulants coffee and tea increasing their productivity resulting in their success. And there comes the coining of our tag line I DRINK SUCCESS. This brought a feeling of connection to our customers with their success when they sip our coffee.

Today, being the fastest growing vending brand in the country apart from its global presence.

At the age of 40 years in 2016 he gets a business foot print all over the country and started moving towards making a global presence with business getting started in Sultanate of OMAN, UAE, SAUDI ARABIA, BAHRAIN and few of the other GCC countries.

Café Desire is the premier vending company of specialty coffee and tea with largest service team in the country. And with every cup, we strive to bring both our heritage and an exceptional experience to life.

Café Desire brand has been nurtured by Mr. Ghouse Mohiuddin over past 15 glorious years making Café Desire as most trusted brand and one of the power brands in the country.

Also it took 15 long years to make a place on Cover Pages of leading National business magazines as a part of success story to be told to whole nation. Where as IIPM has declared Mr. Mohiuddin as GENERATION NEXT LEADER few years back itself, looking and the pace he was instrumental in making his brand reach places.

ICMR ( indian council for market research ) has declared Café Desire as one of the Rising Power Brands of the Country and Mr. Mohiuddin is felicitated with prestigious POWER BRAND award in the presence of corporate honchos in Las Vegas, USA.

Initiatives taken by Mr. Mohiuddin in the areas of innovation for the purpose of creating differentiation in the market has helped the brand to reach greater heights day by day.

Foreseeing the huge market potential and to accelerate the growth and faster penetration into the market, Mr. Mohiuddin has taken up the franchising route to scale up the business which has helped the brand Café Desire to penetrate in all the states of the country with 200+ franchisees on board.

Mr. Mohiuddin was always trying to create a valid reason for a customer to choose Café Desire as a most preferred brand, in this process he came out with novel and innovative idea of extending service support directly from company to all existing customers. This move has been highly appreciated by all.

Now with a team of 200+ franchisees across the country and 100+ of Café Desire team working aggressively in the market made Café Desire create lot of value addition in terms market capitalisation on day to day basis.

Few of USP’s created by Mr. Mohiuddin with the help of his team.


  • Awarded as India’s Most Trusted Brand 2016 in the category of Vending Machines and Services
  • Awarded as Power Brand Rising Star 2013 Las Vegas USA
  • Awarded as top 100 franchise opportunities of the country.
  • Selected for opportunity emerging
  • India’s most promising GEN-NEXT Leaders
  • India’s Largest service team
  • India’s fastest growing vending brand
  • Use of 100% natural food grade ingredients
  • Products Certified by FSSAI, GMP & HALAAL
  • Widest Range of Beverages to choose ( Coffee, Cardamom Tea, Plain Tea, Ginger Tea, Lemon Tea, Choco Feast, White Malt, Tomato Soup, Diet Coffee, Diet Tea, Badam Milk )
  • Instant Green Tea - 5 Flavours - Plain, Cardamom, Ginger, Lemon and Lemon Grass

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