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Coffee Tea Vending Machine for your office or commercial establishment

Coffee tea vending machines offered by Café Desire are highest selling and best Coffee Machines available in the country. These automatic tea coffee vending machines are very good, convenient and ideal for places like small medium and large offices, educational institutes, industrial canteens, hospitals, software companies, hotels, restaurants, malls, cinema theaters and many other places.

On just press of button, these fully automatic vending machines can dispense hot and cold beverages like coffee, cardamom tea, lemon tea, chocolate drink, tomato soup, plain tea, green tea, ginger tea, diet coffee, diet tea, low sugar coffee and low sugar tea.

Say good bye to your hassles at pantry like - keeping a count and control on milk, sugar, coffee powder tea powder and your pantry boy. Your staff and guests need not wait for long for a cup of coffee or tea. They deserve an instant cup of coffee or tea.

No need of milk, sugar, tea or coffee powder- just load our instant coffee premix or instant tea premix in our vending machine and press a button – PRESTO- your great tasting coffee and tea is ready to drink. These best in class vending machines for coffee and tea are user friendly, you don’t need an exclusive operator to run this coffee & tea vending machines.

These coffee tea vending machines comes with a guarantee of great service offered by nation wide service team to attend all your repair and service related queries for your tea coffee vending machines.

We can offer service support for any kind of vending machine installed across the country.

There are two models available in this segment of good quality vending machines to dispense coffee, tea and other flavours.

Two Lane and Four Lane Vending Machine

Coffee Tea Vending Machine Model Two Lane Double Option can dispense two beverages and Four Lane Quadra Option can dispense four beverages at a time, you can choose any four beverages like coffee, cardamom tea, lemon tea, choco feast to start with and later you can keep changing the range of beverages by selecting lemon tea, green tea, low sugar coffee, low sugar tea according to your choice and taste.

Make tea, coffee in seconds – no need of milk, sugar, tea or coffee powder

All range of beverages available in the form of 3 in 1 premixes which are ideal for vending machines to dispense instant coffee, instant tea or any other flavours

Track and monitor your coffee tea expenditure through our tamper proof meter reading inside the fully automatic coffee tea vending machines

Your staff and guests can be offered great varieties of coffee’s and tea’s dispensed through our two lane double option vending machines for your office

Through our vending machine for coffee and tea installed at your office, you can expect consistency in taste and quality of coffee, tea and other choice of beverages

Coffee & tea dispensed through our vending machines will ensure hygiene as your drink is untouched by hand

Most reliable and robust model of coffee and tea vending machine

Most efficient and fast moving coffee tea machine for office coffee requirements

Most suitable and economical coffee tea vending machine for small, medium and large offices and other commercial establishments

Technical Details

  • Choice of Beverages - 2
  • Micro Processor Controlled
  • Quick Start up / Aesthetic Design
  • Cup Counter & Hot Water Function
  • Dispensing Rate 4 Cups Per Minute
  • Weight : 15kgs / Voltage : 220v - 50HZ
  • L x W x H (mm) : 320 x 350 x 640

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