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Cafe Desire offers elaborate range of Vending Machines to suit with customer requirement and budget.

Green Tea Vending MachineGreen Tea Vending Machine

Proud to announce Cafe Desire is the one and only company serving Green Tea at Just Press of a button. This machine is fits in every office.Taste the various flavours of the Green Tea. Cardamom Green Tea, Lemon Grass Green Tea, Ginger Green Tea, Lemon Green Tea and Plain Green Tea.

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Premix Vending MachinePremix Vending Machine

Coffee tea vending machines offered by Café Desire are highest selling and best coffee machines available in the country. These automatic tea coffee vending machines are very good, convenient and ideal for places like small medium and large offices, educational institutes, industrial canteens, hospitals, software companies, hotels, restaurants, malls, cinema theaters and many other places.

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Fresh Milk Tea and Coffee Vending MachineFilter Coffee & Indian Chai Vending Machine

There is a perception that, "you cannot get the filter coffee & fresh tea from a vending machine". Now Team Cafe DESIRE proved it wrong. Our freshly brewed Filtant Espresso and Filtant Kadak Chai Machine can relish your taste buds by dispensing the Best in Class Filter Coffee and Fresh Tea @ just press of a button.

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Filtant Espresso

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