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Cafe Desire Fresh Milk Filter Coffee and Indian Chai Vending Machine

Features and benefits of Fresh Milk Coffee Machine

Kadak Chai made with fresh milk

There is a perception that, "you cannot get the filter coffee & fresh tea from a vending machine". Now Team Cafe DESIRE proved it wrong. Our freshly brewed Filtant Espresso and Filtant Kadak Chai Machine can relish your taste buds by dispensing the Best in Class Filter Coffee and Fresh Tea at just press of a button.

There are people who consider that it is not possible to get filtered coffee or tea from a coffee maker. However, we at Cafe Desire have proven them wrong with this Filtant Tea & Coffee Vending Machine. As a result, you will be able to give your employees the rich taste of homemade coffee or tea brewed from fresh milk with the help of this coffee machine. The warmer attached to the machine boils the milk to serve you with the best quality tea or coffee at the push of a button. Plus, it dispenses 8 cups per minute and uses auto cutoff as well as auto cleaning technology. Thus, it consumes low power and requires low maintenance.

This coffee maker comes with an ability to dispense different varieties of tea and coffee prepared from fresh milk. Whether it is espresso or Indian chai made from fresh milk, this coffee machine provides you with exactly what you want at the push of a button. One of the most user-friendly coffee vending machines, it uses auto-cleaning as well as auto-cutoff technology to reduce the maintenance along with power consumption.

This great Fresh milk Coffee and Tea Machine can dispense various flavors of Tea and Coffee made with Fresh Milk, Espresso, Fresh Milk Coffee - Strong, Fresh Milk Coffee - Light, Hot Milk, Black Tea, Fresh Milk Tea - Strong, Fresh Milk Tea - Light and Hot Water.

Cafe Desire assures you to get a high-quality machine and ensures that these are incredibly safe and easy to use.

You can brew your cup of coffee with an artisanal flavor by using this Fresh Milk Coffee Machine.

This Filter Coffee machine is suitable in medium and large scale companies and make their employees with more efficiency.

It enhances of the taste of the drink by boiling the fresh milk.

Maintaining is easy as it comes with auto cleaning system and does not consume more power.

Fresh Brew Technical Details

  • Digital Counters for Individual drinks
  • Dispense Rate : 8 cups/min
  • Max. Electrical Load : 3.5 KW
  • Auto Cutoff
  • Auto Cleaning System
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Easy Maintenance
  • User Friendly

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