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Single Serve Sachets

Cafe Desire offers Premium Instant Coffee Premixes in Regular, Low Sugar, Diet & Cappuccino variants.

Instant Coffee PremixInstant Coffee Premix

Ingredients: Milk Powder + Sugar + Instant Coffee with Chicory

Enjoy a hot cup of Cafe Desire Coffee which comes with blend  of chicory. It comes in the form of an instant pack where you just need mix it up with hot water to get a cup of refreshing and delicious taste of coffee. The cafe desire coffee is good for health and keeps you energetic throughout the day. It gives the instant punch to activate a sluggish mind and body. Its strong aroma and delicious taste makes people active and bright. It makes you stress less and refreshes your mood.

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Cardamom Tea PremixCardamom Tea Premix

Ingredients: Tea Extract + Milk Powder + Sugar + Fresh Natural Cardamom

Blended with fresh Cardamom powder, it has all the ingredients required to energize a drooping mind. Besides being a good breath freshener it stimulates digestion and reduces gas formation.

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Lemon Tea PremixLemon Tea Premix

Ingredients: Tea Extract + Lemon Tea powder + Sugar

Free from synthetic additive. It is rich in Vitamin C. With un parallal taste, Its every tangy sip generates a fresh and vibrant feeling. This is Black Tea with the flavour of Lime, mostly relished by people who dont want milk in their Tea.

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Cappuccino PremixCappuccino Premix

Ingredients: Milk Powder + Creamer + Tinch of Vanilla and Chocolate + Instant Coffee + Sugar

Discover the ease & convenience of making a coffee shop quality Cappuccino with Cafi Desire Cappuccino Instant Coffee Premix. Escape from your everyday schedule to enjoy a delecable, coffee shop style Cappuccino without having to leave your office or home prepare yourself and savour the delicious taste of this classic coffee shop drink any time.

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Tamoto Soup PremixTamoto Soup Premix

Ingredients: Tomato Extract + Salt + Dextrose + Black Pepper + Coriander + Beet Root Extract

Tomato Soup is a strong appetizer and delicious in taste, it is the most sought after drink before meals. Derived from fresh tomato juice, it is mixed with number of spices to make it tasty.

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Kadak Masala Chai PremixKadak Masala Chai Premix

Ingredients: Tea Extract + Milk Powder + Aromatic Fresh Natural Spices of Ginger, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cloves , Cinnamon + Sugar

This Masala Tea is made with natural tea extract and a mixture of aromatic Indian spices. A unique blend of seven authentic Indian spices and rich premium tea leaves.

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Kadak Elaichi Chai PremixKadak Elaichi Chai Premix

Ingredients: Tea Extract+ Milk Powder + Fresh Natural Cardamom Powder + Sugar

This Masala Tea is made with natural tea extract and a mixture of aromatic Indian spices. A unique blend of authentic Indian spices along with Cardamom and rich premium tea leaves.

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