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Cafe Desire Premix Vending Machine

Premix Vending Machine

Coffee tea vending machines offered by Café Desire are highest selling and best coffee machines available in the country. These automatic tea coffee vending machines are very good, convenient and ideal for places like small medium and large offices, educational institutes, industrial canteens, hospitals, software companies, hotels, restaurants, malls, cinema theaters and many other places.

2 Lane Coffee and Tea Machine:
The Cafe Desire 2 Lane Coffee and Tea machine is considered to be a leading coffee maker in the market. This coffee machine allows your entire office to relish hot tea and coffee without any trouble. While using this coffee maker, you do not need to bother about buying milk, sugar or anything else. All you need is the coffee and tea premixes that we provide. Just add the premix to the machine and you will be able to cherish a rich cup of tea or coffee. Most importantly, you will be able to enjoy two different beverages at a time since it has two lanes. The best thing about the 2-lane coffee and tea machine is its durability. Hence, it is better to say that this machine has been built to last. The coffee machine comes with a single nozzle, it can dispense hot water and has a dispense rate of four cups per minute.

4 Lane Coffee and Tea Machine:
Undoubtedly, the 4 Lane Coffee and Tea Machine is another high-end coffee maker that we offer to our clients. Suitable for small, medium as well as large size offices, this coffee machine has four mixing lanes which offer your employees with four different choices of beverages at a time. The easy microprocessor controlled operating system helps you to operate the machine to give you a cup of rich beverage. The machine mixes the premix with water precisely every time to help your employees enjoy their cup of tea or coffee happily.


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Technical Details

  • Choice of Beverages - 2
  • Micro Processor Controlled
  • Quick Start up / Aesthetic Design
  • Cup Counter & Hot Water Function
  • Dispensing Rate 4 Cups Per Minute
  • Weight : 15kgs / Voltage : 220v - 50HZ
  • L x W x H (mm) : 320 x 350 x 640

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